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Coming soon! A completely handsfree document organisation solution.

Never worry about saving, finding or losing your company documents again.

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How Archii works

Archii reads and understands your documents using advanced machine learning technology. Archii integrates seamlessly into your document storage and email solutions for a fully automated experience.


Sign up and invite employees. Download Archii and choose the document locations where your important company documents are stored, like your email, desktop and Dropbox.


Archii crawls your locations and indentifies all English and Danish contracts and corporate documents. More types are added all the time.


Identified documents are copied into your Archii archive at a location chosen by you and then classified based on their content.


Access and use your documents through Archii’s dashboard or through your folder structures - the choice is yours.


You can run Archii as often as you want to update your Archii archive.

No need to worry...


Archii encrypts your data to ensure that all information and documents are for your eyes only.

Copies only

Archii doesn’t make any changes to your local folder structures where your documents are stored. Archii simply copies the documents to another location of your choice.

Secure cloud

Our cloud solutions are protected by best-in-class security and comply with EU data regulations.

Local server

We are able to set up a local server solution should you request it.

Private cloud

We can take it one step further and set up a private cloud solution should you request it.


Beta Access

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